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Success is the combination of opportunity and preparation. Be prepared for your next interview and you'll succeed by training with Barry Drexler, Expert Interview Coach and Experienced Human Resources Executive. New York City office location for in-person coaching.

Choose a program below to learn:

Unique methods of standing out over others

Best answers to standard & difficult interview questions

How to explain gaps of employment & job changes

How to eliminate nervousness, project confidence & communicate effectively

Your mistakes identified through mock interviews

About Barry Drexler:

Barry held the positions of Vice President, Human Resources at Lehman Brothers, Vice President, Human Resources at Lloyds Banking Group, and HR Manager at Towers Watson. He has interviewed and hired over 15,000 candidates on all levels for all departments during 30 years in Human Resources. As the Expert Interview Coach, Barry has trained hundreds of job candidates worldwide, from entry level to senior executives in virtually all industries.  

Train with Barry and turn your next interview into a successful job offer. 

Call for a FREE CONSULTATION at 212.461.0744 or email:


Program choices below: Each tailored to your background and career.

Program #1 - Coaching by phone or skype ($150). You receive:

    • 90 minute training session with Barry.
    • Training on methods for handling in-person, group/panel, or phone interviews.
    • Techniques for reducing anxiety, increasing confidence, and projecting the "right fit".
    • Training on how to answer behavioral, situational or stress interview questions.
    • Best answers to standard questions like: "tell me about yourself", what are your weaknesses?, where do you see yourself in five years?, etc.
    • Mock interview followed by feedback, coaching and practice.


Program #2 - In-person coaching with Barry ($500). You receive three sessions (90 minutes each): 

Session one includes:

  • Overview of all interview methods, including; phone, in-person, panel, behavioral, situational, & competency based.

  • Insight on what most companies seek in candidates; what 'the right fit' means.

  • Best answers to explain gaps of employment and job changes.

  • Unique methods of distinguishing yourself from others.

  • First mock interview followed by feedback and coaching.

Session two includes:

  • Lesson on answering questions succinctly using the 'PAR' method, Problem-Action-Results.

  • Preparation for difficult behavioral, situational, and stress interviews.

  • Methods for demonstrating how you will 'add value'; often the key to getting hired.

  • Second mock interview and practice answering behavioral and situational questions.

  • Techniques for reducing anxiety, increasing confidence, and projecting the right image.

  • Constructive feedback and coaching for improvement.

Session three includes:

  • Training on methods for handling each round & higher levels of interviews

  • Lesson on: selling yourself, making a connection, reading your audience, turning a formal interview into a conversation, & improving your 'delivery'.

  • Lesson on making the best first impression and lasting impression.

  • Feedback on your body language and ways to improve non-verbal communication. 
  • DOs & DONTs; e.g., when to bring up pay, what questions to ask the interviewer.

  • Final mock interview from first impression to conclusion.

 You will also receive:

  • Written list of the majority of interview questions and correct answers.

  • Written feedback & evaluation of your final mock interview.

  • Unlimited email support for one month from session three.

Program #3 - Full job search package ($750). You receive all of program #2 plus:

  • Your resume will be written to standout over all others and get selected by applicant tracking systems.
  • Editing of your cover letters and templates that you can adapt to your needs.
  • Methods for developing a job search plan with specific action items and milestones to stay on track.
  • Unique methods of finding open jobs 'before' they're listed on search boards to avoid being one of the masses.
  • Resourceful techniques for doing what others don't do; how to obtain an interview at the company of your choice.
  • Coaching in the art of networking and techniques for turning leads into job offers.
  • Guidance on negotiating the best job offer and insight about the benefits that new hires don't think to ask for.   


I had my interview today and it went so well with your coaching I identified with them and had them "buy in" on what I was selling which was myself. It flowed, all that experience I had just came out and spoke.  Richard, [Arizona]


The interview went fantastic! The preparation with you was critical. I'm affraid to imagine what would have happened if I interviewed without you. Your advice was spot on and the accuracy of your insight extremely impressive. Derek, PhD, [London] (coached by skype)

I'm located in India and found Barry on the internet. He gave me cusomized advice based on my experience and job profile. The sessions with Barry were a great value add and the things he taught me will help me throughout my life, professionally and personally. Tapas, Senior Manager (coached by skype)



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