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PROGRAM 1 - Coaching by phone or skype ($240)
PROGRAM 1 - Coaching by phone or skype ($240)

You receive:

  • 90 minute training session with Barry
  • Training on methods for handling in-person, group/panel, or phone interviews
  • Techniques for reducing anxiety, increasing confidence, and projecting the "right fit"
  • Training on how to answer behavioral, situational or stress interview questions
  • Best answers to standard questions like: "tell me about yourself", what are your weaknesses?, where do you see yourself in five years?, etc.
  • Mock interview followed by feedback, coaching and practice

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PROGRAM 2 - In-person coaching with Barry ($850)
PROGRAM 2 - In-person coaching with Barry ($850)

You receive three sessions (90 minutes each) plus unlimited email support:

Session one (in-person) includes:

  • Overview of all interview methods, including; phone, in-person, panel, behavioral, situational, & competency based
  • Insight on what most companies seek in candidates; what 'the right fit' means
  • Best answers to explain gaps of employment and job changes
  • Unique methods of distinguishing yourself from others
  • First mock interview followed by feedback and coaching

Session two (in-person) includes:

  • Lesson on answering questions succinctly using the 'PAR' method, Problem-Action-Results
  • Preparation for difficult behavioral, situational, and stress interviews
  • Methods for demonstrating how you will 'add value'; often the key to getting hired
  • Second mock interview and practice answering behavioral and situational questions
  • Techniques for reducing anxiety, increasing confidence, and projecting the right image
  • Constructive feedback and coaching for improvement

Session three (by skype/phone) includes:

  • Final mock interview with feedback
  • Training on methods for handling each round & higher levels of interviews
  • Lesson on: selling yourself, making a connection, reading your audience, turning a formal interview into a conversation, & improving your 'delivery'
  • Lesson on making the best first impression and lasting impression
  • Feedback on your body language and ways to improve non-verbal communication
  • DOs & DONTs; e.g., when to bring up pay, what questions to ask the interviewer

You also receive:

  • Written list of the majority of interview questions and correct answers
  • Written feedback & evaluation of your final mock interview
  • Unlimited email support for one month after session one

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PROGRAM 3 - Full job search package ($1,400)
PROGRAM 3 - Full job search package ($1,400)

You receive all of program 2 plus:

  • Your resume will be written to stand out over all others and get selected by applicant tracking systems
  • Highly effective cover letters and thank you notes written for you
  • A job search plan with action items and milestones to stay on track
  • Unique methods of finding open jobs 'before' they're listed on search boards to avoid being one of the masses
  • Resourceful techniques for doing what others don't do; how to obtain an interview at the company of your choice
  • Coaching in the art of networking and techniques for turning leads into job offers
  • Guidance on negotiating the best job offer and insight about the benefits that new hires don't think to ask for