Hear from clients who have trained with Barry

Will Bian
I was getting lots of rejections because of my poor interview skill. Barry effectively tutored me on the best ways to decipher job descriptions and use them as a powerful tool to handle interviews. Being not only extremely helpful and resourceful, Barry also personally demonstrated to me the right attitude as a job seeker. The results were amazing. I went from being rejected everywhere to getting into second round even final round interviews. After only my second session with Barry, I was able to secure an offer from my dream company!!! None of these would be possible without Barry`s knowledge and help. I would absolutely recommend Barry to any job seeker who is having trouble getting offers!!!

Melissa CPA
I cannot begin to express by gratitude for working with Barry. I have over 20+ years public accounting and C-Suite experience. Despite my extensive `technical` background, I had minimal interviewing experience. I knew I had the skill set to explore various career choices, however I was terrified of interviewing. As the quote goes `everything you`ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear`. So I took a leap of faith and hired Barry. Right from the first session, Barry got down to business with techniques and strategies I never even knew existed, while boosting my confidence. After 3 sessions (and personal homework) I started applying to several positions. Even during this pandemic, my resume was getting high response rates and I have been more than adequately prepared at every interview. Barry also provided salary negotiating techniques. I am confident that hiring him was one of the best investments I have ever made.

Mike Cross
Since working with Barry, I`ve had numerous job offers!!

My recent interviews have been fantastic thanks to Barry. I`ve even been considered for positions that Im not technically qualified for.

It`s all thanks to Barry!!!!! He is literally the best! And no, this is not a paid review.

He is exactly what you would want in a coach- not only does he help shape your answers to better address tough-hard hitting questions, because he notices the small stuff, but he also does it in a way that teaches and educates you. This is more desirable than other coaches I`ve had who just tell what to do with no collaboration.

I`m indebted to Barry! If you`re a potential client- I swear to god, email Barry and ask for my number, I`ll answer any question you have! I`ll tell you what a guru he is and how working with him has literally changed the way I answer, behave, present myself in interviews- the whole shebang- even the way I think about this process.

No joke, I`m so happy I`ve worked with Barry, not only is he now on my Christmas card list- but I`m even thinking about asking him to come home to my hometown for the holidays to hang! JK.

But seriously, he is a really genuine guy and truly cares- which is not easy to find in NYC due to the hustle culture.

Alex T.
Barry is awesome at this job. He helped me get 2 offers in the federal government.

Basically, he gives you the right words and methods to express the best, true you. He goes over the job description and gives you the perspective from the employer. He knows what it takes to get hired.

Thanks Barry for your help. You are awesome at what you do!

Luisa Z
I'm an experienced manager but haven't interviewed in awhile and I kept making the same interview mistakes over and over. I luckily found Barry on Google and after reading the testimonials I decided to give him a call --best decision I could have made. Honestly if it wasn`t for Barry, I wouldn`t have gained the confidence and skills necessary to get through some intense and lengthy interviews. Barry helped me develop my story, and prepared me very well for my interviews. I not only managed to convince over 10 people that they should hire me, but most importantly I was able to believe it myself. I ended up landing a great new position and I couldn`t be more grateful to Barry. I highly recommend him and truly believe he made all the difference in my career development.

My final interview for a Senior Administrative role at Columbia Business School went extremely well. I ended up in a surprise meeting with the Assistant Dean who inquired further about my departure from my current position. I can't thank Barry enough for prepping me fully on this pitfall; his approach was perfect and I won her heart by remaining positive but communicative when discussing my decision to leave. My interview was on Tuesday and Columbia followed up with a full offer just before Labor Day on Friday. I happily accepted and my first day is on September 29th. I need to thank Barry for meeting with me--working with him definitely gave me the upper hand this time around, and will continue to give me an edge communicating with leaders, and (much further down the line) when I need to make my next career jump.

Nicole P
After many years of employment at top fashion publications, I decided to pursue other opportunities in the industry. I hadn`t had an interview in over 7 years and felt completely overwhelmed at the entire interview process.

I was fortunate enough to meet with Barry during my job search. Not only did he give me his undivided attention (which is extremely rare these days), he gave me incredible professional expert advise, guidance, and taught me useful interpersonal skills, that I will be able to carry with me for the rest of my life.

Barry`s sincerity and positive attitude gave me the confidence that I needed to succeed at landing my dream job. I highly recommend Barry, and cannot thank him enough for his time, encouragement, expert knowledge and guidance.

Charlotte F
Barry is an extremely experienced and helpful interview coach. After meeting with him for three sessions, I feel so much more confident and am able to apply his advice to different real interview scenarios. I am very glad that I worked with Barry during my job searching process and I really appreciate his input. I am sure that I will continue working with him on my future job search and career development.

Antonio Lora
Barry`s interview coaching was so successful that I received an offer and a promotion at the same time! I interviewed for a Consultant role with a Big 4 accounting firm, and I was offered a Senior Consultant role. I would not have done it without Barry`s insights into what Big 4 accounting firms need most, and his strategic approach to every step and every person in the interview process.

After 3 sessions with Barry, I was confident and ready for my interviews. The sessions involved a perfect mix of interview practice, feedback, and advice. I also really appreciate that Barry was very flexible and made time to meet despite short notice.

Overall, working with Barry was a great investment. It helped me land this role (and promotion), and will certainly influence how I approach my career going forward.

Rachael PhD
After going on so many interviews and not getting it `right` and noticing patterns, I knew I needed more help. Barry immediately responded to my questions and did not hesitate to work with me that very week. It`s important to know that your coach will follow through and deliver what they say. Through Barry`s many techniques and practice with me, I was able to finally nail both the interviews and put nervousness aside. I got a job after my next few interviews after working with his techniques. Using Barry`s services can help you improve in confidence!

Ryan Davies
Barry helped me land my dream job! I never felt so confident going into an interview!

I learned that interviewing is an art and science and no one knows it better than Barry. Having missed out on a few job opportunities due to unsuccessful interviews, I hired Barry to help me strengthen my skills.

As a result of what Barry taught me, I nailed the next 3 interviews I went on which resulted in an offer for the job of my dreams!

Hiring Barry is the best investment I`ve ever made and he will help you stand out in a crowded marketplace. I would highly recommend Barry for you interviewing and resume writing needs!

Renee DLC
Barry was extremely helpful. Barry`s background and interviews skill are extraordinary. He gave me the confidence to interview at my highest level without being nervous. Barry was very flexible around my schedule and was available via email to answer all my questions.
It was definitely worth the investment!
Thank you again

Yamit S.
Thank you Barry for everything you have done for me!

Being coached by Barry was the best thing I have done for myself in a long time. Barry is the most experienced coach, a real professional and a wonderful human being. In just a few sessions he has taught me the art of excelling in every interview. Barry made me feel confident and knowledgeable with interviews, negotiations and landing a great job beyond my personal expectations. I am now working for a great company with the salary that I wanted.
I highly recommend Barry for those who want to get everything they want from their next job. The whole process was fun and it made me change my mindset about how to get your dream job easily.

Thank you again Barry, I will never forget what you have done for me.

Tapas Malaiya
Im a senior manager based in India. I was offered an opportunity to interview for a senior management role within my organization. It was a big opportunity and I wanted to form an impression in front of my MD and the HR Director.

I found Barry on the internet and contacted him. He went through my entire Job role, company profile etc in detail, before our first session. To my surprise he had also invested his time to understand Indian market and corporate culture.

He focused on my strengths and weaknesses and gave me customized advice based on my experience, knowledge and job profile. He helped my identify my strengths and advised me how to handle questions around my weaknesses. He also gave me useful training on how to position myself in the interview.

Im awaiting my final round of interviews and feel very confident about it. Also, these sessions were a great value add and many of the things he taught me will help me throughout my life. Not only professionally but also personally.

Hamza K
I've had professional interview coaching in the past but it was vague and unhelpful. In contrast, Barry had real insights on what a top 5 commodities trading firm would ask and exactly how they would ask it.

Almost everything he said would come up came up, and since I had been coached properly I responded with clarity and confidence.

It was easily the best behavioral/quantitative interview of my life thanks to Barry's coaching and the firm moved ahead with my application -

Everett P.
Barry was truly instrumental in helping me to land the `Big Fish` company I was after. I knew I had the skills and talent in me, Barry helped draw them out and express them in my interviews. I just spent the entire weekend pouring over two very good job offers, a great predicament to have, thanks in large part to Barry`s coaching!

Barry will be the first call I make for any big career move from now on!

Brooke R
As a recent graduate, I came to Barry for his interview coaching services. I had choked at many interviews prior to this time and was really in need of someone who could steer me in the right direction. After coming across Barry`s website on Google, I gave him a call and explained that I basically wanted to start from scratch and learn the right way to interview. Barry was incredibly helpful, and my sessions with him were truly invaluable. He was always honest and straightforward with me and made efficient use of every minute we had. I ended up having two sessions with him, and he was very honest to tell me that I was well-prepared and not in need of a third. The sessions were definitely well spent, as I advanced to the next stages for all the companies I was interviewing for and ended up receiving offers from them. What`s more, however, is that Barry helped me to gain a keen understanding of my `story` and of what I bring to the table as a unique candidate. All in all, his services helped me build a strong presentation of myself and enabled me to achieve great results! I have already referred him to multiple people and highly suggest his services to all.

Paula B
Before Barry I was never able to pass the first round of interviews. I could not answer the behavioral questions properly and because of that I lacked confidence. After only one coaching session, I was able to know my strengths and answer the behavioral questions based on that and past experience. After my final session with Barry I was able to interview well and land the job that I wanted. I could not have done this without his training.

Peter PhD
Dear Barry,
Im writing to say thank you. I have received a great job offer that I recently accepted.
Before your coaching I had struck out at 3 interviews. I could get the interview but not the job. After your coaching, I received offers at the next two companies I interviewed with. Before we met I was stumbling through the soft questions. Im very pleased that you had the courage to tell me my answers were awful. You were right. And it was very helpful that you took the time to craft new answers that were much better.
I couldn`t have gotten the job without your support. I will highly recommend your services to my friends. Thank you.
Peter PhD

Barry`s service is invaluable and best investment I made during my job search. After countless of failed interviews, I took a step back and decided I need help identifying what it is I`m doing wrong and how to do better. Barry is an expert and gave me just what I needed to improve my interview skills! My interviews have gone so much better after working with him and I received a job offer two weeks after I started working with him! I highly recommend his services!

Jeff S
Using Barry`s interviewing techniques truly proved to be invaluable. I had interviewed prior for 2 County positions with no success. I felt I was the best candidate but didn`t have the right plan & answering techniques. I found Barry & he coached me over the phone (I`m from Florida) preparing me for specific questions & correct answering strategies. I felt confident & executed his training & was offered the position the next day..Thank u Barry & would highly recommend you as interviewing truly is a skill set in itself. You`re awesome & thx again!

Prior to Barry, I was getting numerous phone and in-person interviews, with rejection after rejection. And I couldn`t figure out how I was coming across to potential employers, so I decided to get some from Mr. Drexler.

Barry insightfully breaks down the whole process, including helping you put your own picture together (your verbal resume) with the right words and examples. And he methodically goes through job descriptions so you truly understand a company`s perspective and can package yourself in the best way for potential employers.

If your struggling with the `right answers` or whatever the case, give him a call.

Jordan Kahn
I went into Barry`s coaching program feeling helpless in regard to my interviewing and communicating skills. I was rejected by 11 companies and lost a lot of confidence in my professional potential. Through months of hard work using the tips and tricks Barry provided me with, I landed positions at both Ernst & Young and Deloitte. You are a legend Barry, thanks!

S. Rizvi
Barry brings out the best in you! He asks thought provoking questions regarding your accomplishments and helps you package your skills and experience in a way that you can demontrate to a potential employer that you are capable of adding value from day 1. Barry focuses on highlighting the qualities that are directly related to the current position you are seeking. Not only that, he makes you adept at conveying your thoughts in a very concise and succint manner. I have benefitted immensely from his coaching and highly recommend his services for potential job seekers. This is an investment that pays for itself many times over.


Frank Spitz
Barry was an inspiring teacher. He helped me prepare for the interviews and instilled confidence in me. He was available when I needed him. Because of his help I secured a sought after position in the financial sector.
Thank you Barry


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